The 80 year old saying: rest, my child, all in good time, trust God’s and universe’s timing

The 25 year old clamoring: have you heard about Somalia? You need to donate to Somalia dont u see they’re starving! Starving!! Let’s find work at charity! Make yourself useful for God’s sake what use are those knowledge if you don’t use it!! Oh don’t forget your day job’s deadline and your crews relying on you! Let’s build them be better people! Let’s be a part timer at art related stuff!! Let’s socialize too!! Also research!! Socialize! Research! Socialize! Research! Socialize! Research!!! Let’s pet all the kids!! Care for the abandoned grandmas!!! Do something that could impact humanity! Oh humanity!! humanity!!! humanity!!!!! humanity!!!!!!!! Let’s grow! grow!! grow!! grow!!!!!

The 5 year old whispering: I haven’t finish this book, and I want to draw you my version of this book, but let me nap for a sec ok, but where is my cat and my friends I want to play with them, wait I need nap, nap first,

will you hug me till I asleep




All day,

March 20th – indefinitely


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