Like a dessert, drained with almost no life in sight. People try to grab the sand, the hand, but it vanish into thin air

Like a dessert, no sound comes out, people scream ‘why are u so lifeless?’ still, nothing echoes back

If I stay in my stagnant state, like pluto will people forget me if I ever be part of their galaxy. But some people still fighting for its right to stay in the solar system. Yet pluto’s just watching them, staring, still, curled up, cold, blurred by fog. Some people’s inability to see clear they only see façade of dark blueish fog, some people gain its trust, they come closer and see its spectrum and essence. No it’s not a matter of exclusivity or bravery I suppose, pluto doesn’t have that high self-esteem and this is not a knight story, it’s just the path carved by universe for all being

So I stay in my stagnant state, building a façade of dark blueish fog,

a fort taller than byzantium, made of feather

With a door, locked

With a window, shut

With a sign, veiled

Open the door, close the door

Notice me, fade me

Remember me, forget me

Include me, exclude me

Fill me, hollow me

Care me, abandon me


Please come in, please go away


Pull me, let me

Keep calling my name, stop calling my name


I’m sorry, I’m sorry

I love you, I love you

I know you’re frustrated, I know I’m depressed


March 27th, 2017


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