Notion on creative process

Why is it that in the low and grieving state, people often find inspiration to write or draw or make any form of art? It is such a cruel condition; to create something so beautiful in the most terrible state.

Do artists have to suffer in order to create amazing piece? Is suffering a requirement? Are tortured mind and wounded soul the basic qualification?

I have had enough with the stories of tortured artist like Van Gogh, Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Allan Poe, Frida Kahlo, Kartini and many many more. I want stories of joyful, brilliant, and content artists.

Can someone please prove that sadness is not an essential part of creative process?

Yet I write this craftily worded protest as my mind scattered and my soul gradually going down low

How ironic

How I love irony

How ironic



Sitting side by side with trouble, April 7th 2017



A repartee:

“If you can’t find one, then be one” – someone’s quote

Well, I would like to love to try to, but right now I’m in no state to say that I have succeeded, and anyone is welcome to join this experiment;

That you can create amazing impressive art or thought without being in a sad or any low disturbed state of being


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